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B&G Fitness provides a facility that empowers members and guests to fullfill well-rounded workouts. Members and guests enjoy a variety of cardio equipment, well-equipped weight areas, clean and safe locker rooms, a well-stocked front desk, and various tanning bed options. 


The B&G Fitness cardio deck offers an array of equipment for various cardio needs. 

  • Treadmills 

  • Stationary bikes 

  • Ellipticals 

  • Stair steppers 

  • Arc trainers


B&G Fitness offers both free and cable weight options to suit a variety of weight training preferences. 

  • Incline/decline benches

  • Flat benches

  • Smith machines

  • Leg press

  • Dumbells 5-120 pounds


The locker rooms at B&G Fitness are clean, comfortable and safe areas for members and guests to store their personal items. 

  • Lockers (locks not provided)

  • Restrooms 

  • Changing areas

  • Showers 


The front desk at B&G Fitness is a well-stocked area where members and guests can find friendly staff members and all of the necessities for successful workout and tanning experieces. 

  • Towels (free for use inside the gym)

  • Water fountain

  • Water and beverage cooler 

  • Individually prepared protein shakes 

  • Tanning lotions

  • Various workout supplements 

  • B&G Fitness merchandise

  • Workout merchandise


B&G Fitness provides four tanning bed rooms that are clean and private areas for members and guests to tan comfortably. 

  • Stand up and lie down tanning options

  • Towels provided 

  • Thoroughly cleaned by staff members after every use 

  • Lotions and neccesities available for purchase at front desk

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